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Wearing Christianas makes you look and feel your best. But the real beauty of the Christiana woman is in the pureness of her heart. As the holiday season draws near, the spirit of giving is in the air. Inspired by the many brilliant women in our lives, Christiana wants to give back and inspire the future generation of women.

The girls at Tahanang Paghubog hold a special place in our heart. Their ability to be welcoming, loving, and hopeful is truly inspiring knowing that it isn’t as easy for them. Healing from the battered pasts, these girls dared to get a better life for themselves and nothing softens our heart the way they do. To give them the healing and formation that they need, these sisters stood up to help these girls complete their education, provide their needs, and reclaim their dignity.

This December, when you shop, 5% of your total will be donated to provide for the shelter, food, clothing, educational, and medical assistance as well as integral formation of these 9 young girls currently residing in Tahanang Paghubog.

Through this small gesture, we hope that they can create a future for themselves that is unlike their past.

If you are also into our cause of #WomenEmpoweringWomen, you can make direct donations to Tahanang Paghubog through their BPI Family Savings account (Tahanang Paghubog Mother Bonifacia, Inc. 7533-0143-69)

As much as we’d love to share their lovely photos, the safety of the girls is top priority. You can visit and get to know more of their stories at 78 18th Avenue, Murphy, Cubao, Quezon City.


Bunny Wicker Hat & Eyelet Face Mask in Le Noir
Bunny Wicker Hat & Eyelet Face Mask in Le Noir